Site Assessment & Analysis

 SOLAR SURVEY PRO provides professional site assessments to homeowners who are not sure if solar energy will benefit then and to solar companies who are in need of professional, trusted and consistent service.

Our assessment checklist includes the following:

1. A precise roof diagram with all measurements and obstacles on top.
2. Main panel inspection with recommendations for upgrades.
3. Suneye shade reports for each solar array.
4. Rafters size & span with attic photos and indication of over hang from roof edge to bearing wall.
5. Complete site assessment form with all data required to create fast and successful plans/design.


Complete Permit Service

 Solar Plans  Approved Plans

System Design

After site assessment is complete we will create the perfect system plans ready for city permit stamp. Get your plans approved within 48hrs! The next step will be pulling the permit.

Permit Pulling

Let us handle the city permit and do the dirty work for you! We are very fast and efficient when it comes to pulling permits because we know what each city requires and it saves us time and money.

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Why Hire Our Service?

Site assessment, plans and permits are the very first steps in running a solar energy company. It is important to do these 3 steps as fast as possible with no mistakes or delays and that's what we're doing for you! When you hire a professional company who does only that you get your plans and permits done faster than lightning with maximum success!

  1. We run a professional assessment check list.
  2. Plans are done within 48 hrs max.
  3. Permits pulled the next day.
  4. Clear more time to handle production.
  5. Work with professionals and have piece of mind.




Feedback1 "I wasn't sure about solar panels so I decided to order your site assessment and now after looking at the results I know how many panels I will need to cover my bill. I also know where is the most efficient location on my roof and how much I can actually save if I go with solar energy. "

Sergey L

Feedback2 "I had a lot of information about solar panels but I never really got the actual facts until I met with your guy and he helped me to make the right decision and when I met with solar companies I knew what to ask and I got the best deal for my home. Thank you."

Grace W