Complete Solar Survey

Why is it important to survey your property?


Adding solar pv system to you home or property is a smart move but it requires a thorough assessment of the property in order to determine 3 main factors:


1- The condition of your roof

Including how strong it is, how much space is Inspecting roofavailable and the best location to mount the panels. Other options are ground mount system or patio covers and designated structures specifically for solar.



2- The main service panelMain Service Panel Box


Making sure your service panel can handle the size of the system by calculating the electrical load and capacity of you panel. In some cases the main panel will require an upgrade.


3- Complete shade and efficiency report

By measuring sun exposure and shade factors  Taking Shade Readingwe are able to estimate the production of the solar pv system. This step will tell us if you will benefit from having solar panels or not, and approximately how much electricity you will be generating each month of the year.