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There’s a lot of data and information about solar energy online and still homeowners seem to be looking for actual facts and correct information that will compare apples to apples and give them what they want to hear on solar panels system.

I will begin by saying that Solar Energy Works!!! There is no question about that. NASA has been

Solar Panels In Space

Solar Panels In Space

using this technology since the 1950’s and there are many satellites out there circling around using solar energy to stay up there for years. Also, utility companies started investing in solar energy and they are the ones you would think know a thing or two about electricity, right?

Ok so we know its working but now the question is how can we use it to save money.

Here’s the answer to that question. You look at your bill and see how many Kwh (killo watt hours) you used during the entire year and then you get the daily average. When you have the daily Kwh average you then need to find out how many hours of sun light you get in average throughout the year. These two factors will enable you to calculate the system size you will need and thus how many panels you will eventually have on your roof.

Let me explain it better with examples: